AI-Driven PPC for B2B Lead Generation

Your business runs on leads. Let PPC Assist not only help you drive more leads at a lower cost, but improve quality as well.

With PPC Assist, you’ll eliminate percentage-based management fees and devote more budget to your campaigns, improving CPL and jump-starting your scaling.

E-Commerce Businesses

Supercharge Your Scaling: Empower Your Online Store with AI-Powered PPC Assist




Our Process

PPC Assist: Structure, Optimize, Scale – Gain clients effectively.


Structure campaigns by services, product lines, & other logical breakdowns, allowing for personalized messaging, scaling and flexibility.


Define effective KPIs so campaigns can reliably optimize towards business objectives and eliminate wasteful spend.


Adjust budgets and spend allocations to push volume in areas of success and maximize ROAS.

Take your lead generation PPC to the next level by incorporating lead scoring to optimize for lead quality and value instead of just quantity. Not sure how? We can help!

PPC Assist - AI Google Ads Management

Key benefits

B2B service businesses are great candidates for PPC Assist. Our program, coupled with expert assistance when you need it, lowers ongoing marketing fees and allows you to focus on acquiring high-quality leads.

Our AI-powered approach to PPC allows algorithms to continuously optimize campaigns. Reduce unnecessary management fees and focus on success with PPC Assist.

Agency and PPC Assist Pricing Plans: Your Path to Success

Choose the Perfect Package for Your Business Needs

Eliminate active management fees and devote a larger percentage of your marketing budget to actual ad spend.

Quickly increase sales by unleashing your full budget. Scale faster as learning accelerates and results compound.

Meet Our Experts


Seattle, WA

3 years experience

Roxie Swanson

Seattle, WA

10 years experience


Seattle, WA

12 years experience

What Our Clients Say

Jeff Angers
Jeff Angers
Director of Ecommerce
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Paying a percentage of our spend never made a lot of sense to me. This allows me to get professional help when I need it without maintenance fees.
Mary McBride
Mary McBride
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I had a $500 PPC budget and my agency was taking $300 of it. I was about to double my investment without increasing my budget with PPC Assist.
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